The EmpowerYOUth

The EmpowerYOUth project aims to empower and support young people throughout Europe, particularly in Poland, in developing the necessary skills and education which will help them improve their chances at finding a job. The EmpowerYOUth project aims to tackle current major issues such as high unemployment rates among young adults by fostering and developing soft skills. Each person has soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem-solving cultivated to some extend, nonetheless, they are usually underdeveloped. Individuals, especially young adults may not know how important they can be and how to enhance these skills in a way which will be beneficial to them, both in personal and professional areas. EmpowerYOUth will take special note to help youth regain their confidence in their own abilities and direct them back on the path to finding an occupation that suits their needs and abilities best. The skills and competences which young people will develop throughout the project duration will be essential to help develop participant's professional careers and significantly enhance their employability. To ensure the success of the EmpowerYOUth project, the consortium will conduct in-depth research to identify the number of rural inhabitants in need of a job, the labour sectors they are aiming to enter, and what kind of difficulties they have encountered so far while looking for employment. This will allow the consortium to gain positive understanding of which careers are more in demand and what soft skills are necessary for these careers in order to help shaping all the project deliverables. EmpowerYOUth will help the participants foster their soft skills and also put their newly gained knowledge in use, ultimately ensuring their ability to secure a job and in turn, reduce unemployment levels.