This pandemic situation brought many to face psychological, economic, social difficulties. To fight this situation it is important to offer activities helping to socialize, to improve skills and competences. A specific didactic methodology will be promoted in order for the participants to acquire life skills and learn in a familiar / unformal context. The methodology that will be used is the DEBATE; discipline requiring a constant mental exercise leading to open a person’s mindset (it obliges the participants not to entrench on personal opinions and to accept other points of view, even if not sharing them. Here the main points of this methodology: A theme is chosen; Two teams will participate (one group will expose the an aspect of the topic; the other team will confront the opponents with the opposite aspect of the theme chosen); there will be a research on the topic to deepen the knowledge about it. The research will be done through the web and there is need of a basic knowledge of the English language (at least) to be able to dialogue with participants of other countries. There are rules and points on: – adequate arguments, – how the ideas are supported and expressed, – time use, – respect of the others and of different ideas. The DEBATE is considered a team mental international sport able to stimulate creativity and research skills; it is also a pedagogic and educational methodology allowing to develop useful competence to elaborate creative and innovative solutions to all type of problems and situations.