Environment and fight against climate change was chosen as the main priority in the project. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world. The world is warming day by day. It is impossible for natural life and humans to adapt to this rapid change. According to data from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a temperature rise of 1.5°C could lead to the extinction of 20-30% of species. If the temperature rise exceeds 2°C, many ecosystems may come to an end. The European Green Deal seeks to involve people, communities and organizations in tackling the climate crisis and creating a green order. Although its sphere of influence is limited to Europe, the efforts of Europe to become carbonneutral by 2050 will affect the whole world. The presence of 12 legal regulations in the articles of the agreement and the existence of sanctions for the countries that have commercial relations with Europe will take the fight against climate change forward. In this direction, it is aimed to reduce the carbon emissions of the European continent by 55% until 2030.